4 Functions That Start-Ups Should Outsource to a Business Consultant

blankStart-ups often work on a shoestring budget. It is not feasible for them to build the capacities for all business processes in-house. To manage their cash flows and business processes smoothly, it is always recommended to find a process outsourcing partner who can take care of functions that are not the core competencies.


Here are 4 functions that start-ups should outsource:


Maintaining books is not everyone’s cup of tea and those not proficient in accounting need to spend a big part of their day on it. Still, the outcome is not perfect. Outsourcing it to a business consultant will ensure that all accounts are prepared professionally without any errors, the tax compliance is taken care of, there is a minimum possibility of frauds with all proper fraud detecting measures in place etc.


Digital Marketing Outsourcing

The online presence is critical for the growth of any business these days and it is not easy to handle in-house. Right from developing a good website to content publishing, taking care of SEO and social media presence, develop a brand name and reputation etc. – all requires a planned strategy. No start-up owner would have the time and resources to do all this in-house efficiently. Thus, it is better to outsource it.


blankHuman Resource Functions

If you are in an expansion phase, you will be in continuous need of talent. Getting them on your own will suck up a lot of time and energy and you might still not be able to tap the right talent. When outsourced, the business consultant will ensure that you get access to a steady stream of talent, which is in line with your requirements and compensation packages.


Customer Service

A happy and satisfied customer is of paramount importance for the success of any business. Hiring someone in-house to look after customer service aspects is both not feasible and efficient. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, you would be able to provide customer support only during business hours and secondly, one person would not be capable of taking many calls at once resulting in increased wait time.


Outsourcing some of the processes helps in cutting costs and running them smoothly while those on rolls of the company can focus on core processes.

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