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All foreigners who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid pass (commonly known as a work visa) before they start work. If any employer is engaging the foreigners to work in Singapore, then the employer must ensure that the foreigners hold a valid work pass.
There are many types of work passes available in Singapore with their own features and stipulated terms and conditions by the regulatory authority Ministry Of Manpower (MOM).

One group of students are writing where another group is studying 

Passes available for Students in Singapore

List of passes for pass category

Pass type

Who is it for

Work Holiday Pass (under Work Holiday Programme) (WHP)
  • For students and graduates aged 18 to 25 who want to work and holiday in Singapore for 6 months.
Work Holiday Pass (under Work and Holiday Visa Programme) (WHVP)
  • For Australian students and graduates aged 18 to 30 who want to work and holiday in Singapore for 1 year.


What are the differences between WHP and WHVP?

 Features WHP WHVP
For who
  • Studying or graduated from universities in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom or United States.
  • Australians studying or graduated from universities in any country.
  • Between 18 to 25 years old.
  • Between 18 to 30 years old.
Education: Undergraduates
  • Full-time student of the university for at least 3 months.
  • Completed at least two years of full-time university study, or its equivalent.
Education: Graduates
  • Full-time student of the university.
  • Hold a university degree.
How many times
  • Multiple times, but can only after 12 months from the day you last held the pass.
  • Only once.
  • 6 months.
  • 12 months.


Work Pass Exemption For Foreign Students

If you are holding a Student Pass in Singapore, you are only allowed to work if you meet specific requirements. Find out if you are eligible.
You must apply for a work pass if you want to take a leave of absence during your school term to do additional industrial attachments that do not contribute towards your graduation.
If you are a foreign student or trainee coming to Singapore under a training attachment programme, you should be holding a Training Work Permit, a Training Employment Pass, or be in the Work Holiday Programme. It is an offence for a foreign student to work in Singapore without a valid work pass.

Source of Information:
For all types of Work Passes with their related matters is from the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM), Singapore &/or Immigration And Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore accordingly.
For all other matters are from the relevant Authorities or Agencies of Government of Singapore.

Note: As an Employment Agency, we will not provide the services related to Training Work Permit and Training Employment Pass which are required to be processed only by the Employer directly. Refer to MOM online for detailed information on these two passes.


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