Switch To ACHI BIZ

Switch To ACHI BIZ

Considerable Reasons for Switching your CSP to ACHI BIZ

When you get dissatisfied with any of the following issues then we strongly suggest you to consider for switching :

  • Tired of too many different people for each matter
  • Each time different people for same matter
  • Complexity to choose right person for contact
  • Vulnerable to mistakes due to handling the same matter by many different people
  • Treating you as one of many clients
  • Lacking of one to one personalised services
  • Sub-standard quality due to high turnover of personnel frequently
  • Higher charges with long commitment period (eg. 3 to 5 years agreement or even longer)
  • Not with 100% transparency on prices at the beginning itself
  • High frequency of increase of charges or increase every year regularly
  • Lacking of 24/7 availability for any queries & even for your urgent issues
  • Closing for long hours for lunch break (Impact: It may disable you to collect mails & fly on time)
  • Lacking of availability for collection of mails after office hours
  • Lacking of providing any service on weekends, rest days or Public Holidays
  • Lacking of availability for any service with 24/7 standard including Public Holidays


Easier Switching to ACHI BIZ

It’s an easy process as we would expect you to let us have some basic information of your company and then we would take care of the rest.

The processing method is:

  • We would propose our services with charges to you.
  • Upon acceptance of our proposals, we would contact your existing service provider to find out more details.
  • We would prepare the necessary documents & do the lodgements with the regulatory authority for shifting.
  • Your existing service provider would be duly notified.
  • We would then collect the documents from your existing service provider.
  • We would analyse the documents and your needs.
  • Then we would advise you with further requirements which are to be met out as compliance for any missing items.


When you encounter with any of the following issues with your Book-Keeping &/or Accounting staff then we strongly suggest you to consider for outsourcing to ACHI BIZ as our costs are fixed basis per annum:
  • To maintain the integrity of your financial positions & reports
  • Tired of too many absenteeism
  • Availing even unpaid leave for frequently for holidaying
  • Demanding regular increment
  • If there is no increment then working with unhappiness & with no target
  • Demanding Thirteenth month salary & bonus even while your business is on negative
  • Hard to retain for long run
  • Negative feedback about your management to the new employees or online


When you have any second thought then why not just switch to ACHI BIZ where one to one personalised service is provided with 100% transparency on the prices.


Please CONTACT us if you are considering to change or tired of the existing service provider.