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ACHI BIZ is generally called as Corporate Services Provider  duly registered with The Registrar, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) with name of ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD. (UEN: 201415822C). ACHI BIZ is professional Incorporation services provider in Singapore.

ACHI BIZ is emerging as an Employment Cum Recruitment Agency viz. ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD. duly registered (18C9185) with Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) and has committed to provide the global recruitment services to both Employees and Employers with true honesty and high level of trustworthy.

ACHI BIZ is providing the access to GUIDES for SERVICES which are carried out by our professional team members and resources for the individuals, entrepreneurs and companies who are willing to set-up the businesses and migrate to Lion City.


ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD.  places great emphasis on its employees to ensure service standards and customer’s satisfaction are met.  This is especially crucial for ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD. as, being in the Corporate Service Provider industry, we aim to make entrepreneurs as many as possible in Singapore with our seamless comprehensive corporate services under one roof. That means, we will target with at least one business or Private Limited Company per Singaporean household to make Singapore as the highest number of citizens with entrepreneurship skills in the world.


ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD.’s intense focus on providing seamless comprehensive corporate secretarial, employment agency services and immigration services under one roof alongside with many positive reviews. Some of our corporate and work pass services include:


Since we have satisfied our clients from the year 2008 under “AVS Consultancy Services” and from the year 2010 until 2017 under “AVS Consultancy Pte. Ltd.”, we hope to achieve the same and greater level of satisfaction under the brand of “ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD.” registered in 2014 and by providing seamless comprehensive corporate secretarial,  employment agency and immigration services under one roof with effect from April 2018.


The ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD. wishes to maintain a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all employees. Maintaining such an environment is the responsibility of every staff person. Because of their role, managers and supervisors have the additional responsibility to lead in a manner which fosters an environment of respect for each person. 

It is the responsibility of all staff to:

  • Foster cooperation and communication among each other
  • Treat each other in a fair manner, with dignity and respect
  • Promote harmony and teamwork in all relationships
  • Strive for mutual understanding of standards for performance expectations, and communicate routinely to reinforce that understanding
  • Encourage and consider opinions of other employees or members, and invite their participation in decisions that affect their work and their careers
  • Encourage growth and development of employees by helping them achieve their personal goals at the ACHI BIZ SERVICES PTE. LTD. and beyond
  • Seek to avoid workplace conflict, and if it occurs, respond fairly and quickly to provide the means to resolve it
  • Administer all policies equitably and fairly, recognizing that jobs are different but each is important; that individual performance should be recognized and measured against predetermined standards; and that each employee has the right to fair treatment
  • Recognize that employees in their personal lives may experience crisis and show compassion and understanding
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ACHI BIZ is an active member of the following organisations:


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Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) (ATC)



Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE)



Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI)


Archiving Of ACHI BIZ In “The Web Archive Singapore (WAS)” By The National Library Board (NLB), Sinapore

We support the preservation of Singapore’s documentary heritage with web archiving by the National Library, Singapore.

What is the Web Archive Singapore (WAS)?

The Web Archive Singapore (WAS) is a collection of Singapore websites that showcases facets of Singapore life.

Web content is preserved for information, reference and research on Singapore’s history and heritage. This ensures that the important times of our lives, people, events, and organisations are archived, even when the original sites have changed or no longer exist.

We are thankful to The National Library, Singapore for accepting our nomination with fair judgement and evaluation standards. We would strive our best to deliver always.

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Click here to visit the Web Archives at NLB at: https://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/webarchives

Ref: Nomination Approval Date: 25-Sep-2020.



ACHI Entrepreneur 100 Award Certificate for the year of 2022ENTREPRENEUR 100 AWARD 2022

We are humbly proud to have been accredited with Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award for the year 2022 on 14-Dec-2022 by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) (ATC). We are grateful to the committee of Entrepreneur 100 Award of the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) for their fair judgement and assessment criteria. We would strive our best improving our services, beyond expectations as always.

What is Entrepreneur 100 Award?

An annual national award programme the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) (ATC) that honours Singapore’s performing entrepreneurs of the year, the Entrepreneur 100 Award is one of Singapore’s most prestigious and highest accolade an entrepreneur yearns to achieve. Recognising entrepreneurs based on their corporate achievements, contributions to the industry, community and nation and policies that have propelled the business’s prosperity, the Entrepreneur 100 Award evaluates and affirms the strength and capability of one.

Under the Entrepreneur 100 Award, these entrepreneurs are called as the Elites – those who have presented their capabilities to turn ambitions into reality.

Coinciding with Singapore Government’s focus in fostering entrepreneurship and providing support and tools for local entrepreneurs to take on the world market, the Entrepreneur 100 Award provides recognised entrepreneurs with an unrivalled platform to grow beyond the local scene, showcasing their abilities and achievements on both national and global scale.



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Entrepreneur 100 Award for 2022-CMYK
Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore)


We are humbly proud that ACHI BIZ has been selected as 1 of Top 10 Finest Corporate Secretary Service Providers (CSP) w.e.f. 13-Aug-2020 among around 3,000 CSP entities in Singapore. (Last Update: 15-Oct-2020).

We are grateful to The Singapore’s Finest (TSF) for their fair judgement and evaluation standards. We would strive our best to keep improving our services, as always.

Please refer to the below Accreditation Badge and copy the URLs for more information.



Name of Organisation

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The Singapore’s Finest Services

Find us with Accreditation post on the Accreditor’s website at:

  • https://finestservices.com.sg/corporate-secretary

Find us with a featured article on the Accreditor’s website at:

  • https://finestservices.com.sg/corporate-secretary-achi-biz

Response Rates To Google And FaceBook Messages

A flower decorated board to contain the informationAlways Beyond Your Expectations!

We are humbly proud to share our response rates as at 12-JAN-2022:
  • 100% Responsive with 1 Minute Response Time To FaceBook Messages; And
  • 2 Seconds Response Rate To Google Messages.
We have a dedicated human team to reply your queries pertaining to Corporate, Compliance, Employment Agency & Immigration matters, Incorporation services in Singapore round the clock 24/7/365.

Our Social Proof with Google Reviews And Rating ( http://tiny.cc/kymksz )

Colour frame with 5 stars, thumbsp, good sign & love it signOur valuable clients leave the Reviews on Google with stars rating. Our business reviews appear next to our listing in Google Maps and Search.

Customer feedback is essential to guide and inform our decision making and influence innovations and changes to our services. It’s also essential for measuring customer satisfaction among our current customers. Getting a handle on how customers view our services, supports, assistance and the company is invaluable to us.

We are glad to share the Customer Feedback towards our increased Trusts and Transparencies.

Please have a glance of Reviews with the below URL (Copy & Paste) or on the Google Map at the Home Page: https://bit.ly/3Kx6ZLA

ACHI Biz is officially open 24/7/365 including Public Holidays!

SINGAPORE CLIENTS: Just make an appointment at your convenient time to make it for any physical meeting as & when you require.

SERVING ROUND THE CLOCK: We are gladly serving the Clients round the clock to fulfill their wish to register their businesses at the desired auspicious or favourite times. We know not only the language of business but to respect the Clients’ wishes too!

OVERSEAS CLIENT’S PHYSICAL PRESENCE IS NOT REQUIRED: Overseas Clients could indicate any auspicious or favourite time based on your home country zone for new registrations & we would strictly adhere to your wish regardless of any day & time in Singapore with proof.

The Reasons for Choosing Us

Experienced Professionals

ACHI’s team has knowledge of company law, governance, strong attention to detail and is able to influence all the stakeholders, trustworthy and keeping the confidentiality. ACHI’s is the best Incorporation services in Singapore.

Maximum Query Solved

ACHI’s team has multi talents from various backgrounds which enable them to solve the maximum queries on Corporate Secretarial, Accounting, Taxation, Payroll, Work Passes, Immigration and Recruitment services.

Quick Turnaround

ACHI has committed with quick turnaround by being transparent for any changes, creating a common vision, faking it till making it, wrapping the culture around our vision and managing for long-term momentum.

Unimaginable Response Time

ACHI has committed to deliver services with unimaginable timing by measuring relevant metrics, dedicating the resources appropriately, empowering the Customer Support Staff and ensuring the Agents are knowledgeable.

The best of the best is hereMeet Our Team

Achi Kumar


Arthur Wong


Valerie Lim