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Employee Handbook In Singapore


Many Employers have employee handbook which sets out certain benefits and also covers matters like disciplinary procedures and general conduct.

Is this part of my employment contract?

While the appointment letter or Key Employment Terms (KETs) may set out the main terms of the employment contract, it may not be feasible for it to provide a comprehensive list of all employment obligations and benefits. Many companies therefore place these in a separate document, such as a staff handbook. A staff handbook can form part of the employment contract if the employee is given notice of it before or at the time that he or she enters into the employment contract.

For example, the appointment letter may specifically state that “Your employment is subject to the terms in the Staff Handbook.” Or there may be a more general statement, such as: “Your employment is subject to the general terms and conditions of the company.” This could be broad enough to cover documents such as the staff handbook.

If the employee or staff handbook is part of your contract, you should familiarise yourself with it, as you have to comply with its terms and conditions.

However, a staff or employee handbook may cover many matters, and not all of them may be employment terms and conditions. Certain minor matters might just be considered to be house rules or guidelines.

You may wish to include the following applicable clauses in your Employee Handbook:




Induction Procedure For New Staff Members
2.00Employee Commitment Form
3.00Our Company And Its Business
4.00Mission Statement
5.00Your Employment And This Handbook
6.00Industrial Awards/Collective Agreements
7.00Experience And Training
8.00Employee Relations
9.00Employment Categories
9.01Probationary Employees
9.02Full-Time Employees
9.03Part-Time Employees
9.04Casual Employees
9.05Contract Of Service (Employer & Employee Engagement)
10.01Employment Equity
10.02Recruitment and Selection
10.05Employee Classifications
10.06Employee Duties
10.07Personnel File
10.09Annual Salary
10.10Performance Appraisals
10.13Hours of Work
10.14Statutory Holidays
10.16Meal Breaks
11.00Time Avway From Work
11.02Annual Leave Entitlements (not Applicable To Casuals)
11.03Sick Leave (not Applicable To Casuals And Probationary Employees)
11.04Compassionate Leave
11.05Maternity Leave
11.06Paternity Leave
11.07Adoption Leave
11.08Child Care Leave
11.09Unpaid Infant Care Leave
11.10Long Service Leave (not Applicable To Casuals)
11.11Unpaid Leave (not Applicable To Casuals)
12.01Medical & Dental
12.02Group Medical
12.03Foreign Worker Medical Insurance
12.04Personal Accident Insurance
13.00Professional Development
14.00Employee Movements
15.00Presentation And Dress
16.00Customer Service
17.00Discrimination And Harassment Policy
18.00Dispute Settlement Procedure
19.00Counselling Procedure
20.00Workplace Safety & Health Policy
20.02Air Quality
20.03Alcohol And Drug Policy
20.04Fire Evacuation Procedure
20.05Smoke Free Environment
21.00Workplace Injuries And Compensation
22.00Computer And Email Policy
23.00Use Of Telephones
24.00Emergency Contact Numbers
25.00Disclosure Of Confidential Information
26.00Retirement & Re-Employment Policy
27.01Termination for Cause
27.02Termination without Cause
27.05Employer Property
28.00Corporate Compliance

Remarks: Some of these clauses may or may not be optional to include in the contract.


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