Pte Ltd Co. For Foreign Resident With EntrePass


Package Id: FICP




Amount in SGD


Submission of EntrePass Application

·        Preparation of business plan

·        Filing of entrepass application

·        Compilation and submission of relevant documents

·        Acting as the Sponsor for your Entrepass Application

·        Follow-up with Ministry of Manpower for all required clarification and status of Entrepass application



Incorporation of Company

·        KYC & CDD

·        Name Reservation after search

·        Preparation of documents for Incorporation

·        Preparation of Constitution

·        E-Notice of Incorporation

·        Our fees including payable to Authority

·        Share Certificate

·        First Board Meeting Resolution

·        One Board Resolution to open Bank Account

·        Digital Statutory Register comprising Minutes, Share Cert., Etc



Company Secretary for the first year only 600


Assistance to open a corporate bank account F.O.C.



Other Optional Services with this package


Registered Office Address (ROA) for 1 year from the incorporation date 600



Terms and Conditions 

  • The application for the Entrepass is subject to the approval by the authority viz. MOM.
  • You will have to reimburse the actual fees payable for applicable application and issuance to the Authority once the EntrePass is approved which would be between SGD70/- and SGD180/- including Visa.
  • Our charges for any Dependent Pass (DP) will be SGD400/- per person and you will have to reimburse the actual fees of SGD360 payable for applicable application and issuance to the Authority per person including Visa.
  • Once the EntrePass application is submitted with the Authority, there will be no refund out of such fee of SGD3,000/- in case of any withdrawal.
  • Any withdrawal of processing before incorporation after receipt of IPA will be subject to additional admin fee of SGD500/- for our documentations and the balance monies will be remitted back in the same mode of receipt.
  • Any withdrawal of processing of DP before submission with the Authority will be subject to admin fee of SGD100/- (excluding any reimbursement) per person for our documentations and the balance monies will be remitted back in the same mode of receipt.
  • All the bank charges shall be borne by the beneficiary for any refund too.
  • There will be no refund once the company is incorporated.
  • The above price is exclusively applicable only for package of services.
  • The price for any individual service will vary and please contact us for affordable Quotation.

The process of this package:

Step 1 – Submit Your Order Form

Once we have received your details, we will prepare and email our Invoice.

Step 2 – Make Payment

Arrange for payment which is accepted through the most common methods – Cash, Cheque, ATM Transfer, FAST, GIRO, Online Transfer, Money Transfer, PayNow, Telegraphic Transfer & PayPal including Credit or Debit Cards. (All banks’ & PayPal’s charges shall be borne by the remitter).

Step 3 – Documents Required

We will proceed further with following steps only after receipt of full payment:

  1. Draft a business plan according to the details you will provide us. This includes incorporation of all the essentials laid down by the Ministry of Manpower or MOM.
  2. Send you the draft business plan for your consideration and approval.
  3. After the business plan gets approved, we will apply to the MOM.

Step 4 – Apply for EntrePass

We will submit all the required documents to the Ministry for filing the application for EntrePass. The Ministry will take around 60 business days for processing the application and issuing the In-Principle Approval (IPA) notice and upon receipt of it, we will start the process of incorporation of your Singapore Company.
Once the incorporation documents are signed, we will move ahead with the following steps:

Step 5 – Incorporation of Company

Incorporate your Singapore Company and make arrangements for the opening of your corporate bank account with the bank of your choice for the deposit of the paid-up Capital (based on the business plan).

Step 6 – Increase of Capital

Once you have injected the stipulated capital into your newly opened bank account by confirming with either deposit slip or statement, we will file an application for increasing the paid-up capital with ACRA as declared in your business plan and the application with MOM.

Step 7 – Issuance of EntrePass

Once the IPA requirements have been met out, the MOM will issue your Entrepreneur Pass for collection.

Documents required for Application of EntrePass

  1. EntrePass Application Form
  2. Business plan in the required format
  3. A copy of certificates of educational qualifications
  4. Recent passport-size photograph (Not older than 3 months)
  5. A copy of the personal details page in the passport
  6. Contracts or MOUs with prospective clients for new business (if any)
  7. Printed business materials, such as brochures or press releases from current or previous businesses
  • The application for EntrePass business visa needs to be sponsored by a company registered in Singapore which we can act as your sponsor once you engage our services.

Documents required for company incorporation

In order to incorporate your company in Singapore, we require you to furnish the following documents:

We will typically require these documents from you in order to prepare the necessary documentations:

  • For non-resident Directors & Shareholders: Copy of passport, proof of overseas residential address, as well as Know Your Client (KYC) particulars such as reference letters from banks, personal and business profiles, etc.
  • For non-resident Shareholders: Copy of passport, proof of overseas residential address, as well as Know Your Client (KYC) particulars such as reference letters from banks, personal and business profiles, etc.
  • For any corporate entity shareholder/s: Copy of corporate registration documents, such as a Certificate of Incorporation, Profile, Constitution & a copy of the letter of Appointment for Corporate Representative to sign all documents relating to the proposed incorporation.
  • You may be requested to provide additional details if required.
  • Any non-English documents are required to be translated into English with official endorsements.

Dependant Pass (DP) for Spouse and Child

Applications for Dependents Passes can be filed with the following documents:

  1. Copy of their passports
  2. In case of a spouse: Copy of Marriage Certificate
  3. In case of child: Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of educational certificates in both cases (highest qualification)
  5. In case of adopted child: Copy of legal adoption documents
  6. In case of step-child: Copy of custodial notification


Step 5 – Opening of a Corporate Bank Account remotely

We could assist with you to open a Corporate Bank Account remotely once the incorporation process is over.

Please refer to our GUIDES for more information about Entities and Firms in Singapore or CONTACT us if you wish to choose this package.