Passes For Skilled & Semi-Skilled

A group of people with different occupations for infographicSingapore Passes For Skilled & Semi-Skilled

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All foreigners who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid pass (commonly known as a work visa) before they start work. If any employer is engaging the foreigners to work in Singapore, then the employer must ensure that the foreigners hold a valid work pass.
There are many types of work passes available in Singapore with their own features and stipulated terms and conditions by the regulatory authority Ministry Of Manpower (MOM).

A group of people with different occupations for infographic 
Singapore Passes available for Skilled And Semi-Skilled Workers
A group of people with different occupations for infographic 
Comparison of All Skilled And Semi-Skilled Work Passes And Work Permits In Singapore

List of passes for pass category

Pass type

Who is it for

S Pass
  • Fixed monthly salary of at least $2,500/- (w.e.f. 01-October-2020)
  • Older and more experienced S Pass candidates need to earn higher than the qualifying salary
Work Permit for Foreign Worker (FW)
  • For semi-skilled foreign workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector.
Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)
  • For foreign domestic workers (FDWs) to work in Singapore.
Work Permit for Confinement Nanny (CN)
  • For Malaysian confinement nannies to work in Singapore for up to 16 weeks starting from the birth of the employer’s child.
Work Permit for Performing Artiste (PA)
  • For foreign performers working in public entertainment outlets such as bars, hotels and nightclubs.

Source of Information:
For all types of Work Passes with their related matters is from the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM), Singapore &/or Immigration And Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore accordingly.
For all other matters are from the relevant Authorities or Agencies of Government of Singapore.

ACHI BIZ is one of the licensed Employment Agencies in Singapore. We will assist your work pass related applications and appeals at our level best with the regulatory authority Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) for successful outcome.
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