FEP: Grievance Handling

Grievance Handling In Singapore

Employers should set up mechanisms to deal with complaints of discrimination and these procedures should be clearly communicated to employees. HR staff and employees with staffing responsibilities should be trained to manage and investigate grievances independently and objectively. This allows you to objectively hear and process grievances. In Industrial Relations, a Grievance must be based on the foundation of Employer-Employee Relationship and must be Employment-related, i.e. problems that are work-related.

Tips for Grievance Handling

  1. Handle all complaints of discrimination seriously.
  2. Conduct proper investigations.
  3. Respond to the affected person promptly and proactively.
  4. Keep the details surrounding the filing of grievances strictly confidential.
  5. Treat both complainant and respondent fairly.
  6. Unionised staff can also seek advice from their unions in situations where they feel that they have been discriminated against.
  7. Conduct training workshop for all managers and supervisors on topics as Initiating Discussion with Aggrieved Employee and Closing Discussion with Aggrieved Employee.

The Grievance Handling Handbook offers more practical tips in managing grievance within the workplace and brings employers through the entire grievance handling process.

For Job Applicants and Employees

At times, job applicants or your employees may feel discriminated against. Offer them the chance to seek clarification or an explanation from your concerned officer before escalating the issue further. This will give you an opportunity to explain your officer’s decision and clarify your position, or where necessary, take corrective action. This would help avoid misunderstanding, and in cases where your staff is still in employment, this will also help preserve a positive employer-employee relationship.
Source For Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices is from TAFEP.

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