FEP: Appraisal, Promotion, Posting & Training

Appraisal, Promotion, Posting & Training In Singapore

As a fair employer, you should develop fair and objective appraisal systems.  There should be measurable standards for evaluating job performance. This helps you assess, promote and train your employees based on merit. Where opportunities for posting and training arise, informing all your eligible employees of the conditions and procedure for application gives everyone a fair opportunity to qualify.

Aside from helping you assess, promote, and train your employees, objective performance appraisal also gives you:

  • An opportunity to give feedback to your employees when they do well and how they can improve their performance.
  • Information about your under-performing employees which will help you set new goals and further training for them.
  • Ideas for better compensation schemes in terms of promotions, compensation, and job design.

When assessing candidates, you must make sure that no one is overlooked. Reviewing the selection criteria regularly will help you check against discrimination. All performance reviews should be documented and retained for at least one year. Keeping proper documentation which you can refer to periodically, especially when the next appraisal comes around, helps you conduct the appraisal without any bias. An internal appeal process should be put in place to address employees’ questions or concerns on their appraisals.

The Performance Evaluation and Development Plan helps you come up with a fair and holistic performance appraisal process.
Source For Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices is from TAFEP.

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