Documents Required For Employment Pass (EP)

Documents required for Employment Pass

You need to upload documents (e.g. candidate’s passport page showing personal particulars) when submitting an Employment Pass application.


Documents required

  • Personal particulars page of candidate’s passport.
    • If the candidate’s name on the passport differs from that on their other documents, please also upload an explanation letter and supporting documents (e.g. deed poll).
  • Company’s latest business profile or instant information registered with ACRA.
  • Additional documents are required for:
    • Healthcare professionals, lawyers, football players or coaches:

You need supporting documents from the respective professional bodies:

Occupation Professional body
Dentist Singapore Dental Council
Diagnostic radiographer Allied Health Professions Council
Doctor Singapore Medical Council
Emergency medical technician Unit for Prehospital Emergency Care
Football player or coach Sport Singapore
Lawyer Legal Services Regulatory Authority
Nurse Singapore Nursing Board
Occupational therapist Allied Health Professions Council
Paramedic Unit for Prehospital Emergency Care
Pharmacist Singapore Pharmacy Council
Physiotherapist Allied Health Professions Council
Radiation therapist Allied Health Professions Council
Speech therapist Allied Health Professions Council
TCM practitioner Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board


For employees in a food establishment

A copy of the online page that can be accessed when you scan the QR code on the foodshop licence issued by Singapore Food Agency (SFA). The page should indicate your foodshop license validity period.

If you have a new establishment and don’t have the licence yet, you can submit a copy of the “Application for Foodshop Licence” letter issued to you by SFA.

MOM may ask for other documents when MOM review the application. For example, documents to prove that salary declared will be paid.


  • For non-English documents, you must upload the original document together with an English translation as 1 file. The translation can be done by a translation service provider.

Changes to verification requirement

With the implementation of COMPASS, new verification proof requirements will apply for new EP applications and EP renewals. The table below shows the verification proof required for post-secondary diploma and above qualification.

Effective from Verification requirement Effective from
New EP Applications For all qualifications declared to MOM 01-Sep-2023
EP Renewals For all qualifications declared to MOM 01-Sep-2024

If you need points from the qualifications criterion to pass COMPASS, you have to submit verification proof together with your candidate’s qualifications in your EP application. Otherwise, you do not need to declare your candidate’s qualification. Employers should not declare qualifications that cannot be verified or are from unaccredited institutions.


Verification proof requirements

You must ensure that your candidates’ qualifications are authentic and were awarded by accredited institutions.

You only need to verify your candidate’s qualifications once. You will not be prompted to upload a verification proof if the candidate’s qualifications have been verified before.

If the qualification’s awarding institution You need to provide verification proof for Acceptable source of verification proof


Is not found in application drop-down list



  • Authenticity of the qualification
  • Accreditation status of the institution
  • Background screening companies
Is found in drop-down list
  • Authenticity of the qualification
  • Background screening companies
  • Government/awarding institution’s verification portal
  • OpenCerts portal

Authenticity checks confirm that the candidate was awarded the qualification. Accreditation checks confirm the qualification is recognised by the local government authority.


The following are not accepted as a form of verification proof:

  • Education certificates and documents certified by a notary public
  • School letters


MOM will only accept verification proof from sources listed below:

Background screening companies

MOM will only accept verification proof from the background screening companies listed below.

Background screening companies who are able to verify qualifications from most countries/regions:
  • Avvanz International Background Checks
  • Cisive
  • Dataflow
  • eeCheck
  • First Advantage
  • HireRight
  • Risk Management Intelligence (RMI)
  • Sterling RISQ
  • Veremark
  • Vero Screening


Background screening companies who are able to verify qualifications from selected countries/regions:
  • GPC Gateway (Japan)
  • Verity Intelligence (Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States)

What you will need to know

  • For more information on the verification services (e.g. countries they cover, costs and processing time), you can refer to the websites of the background screening companies.
  • You may be asked to provide documents to verify your candidate’s identity (e.g. passport).
  • Most verification checks can be completed within 14 working days. You would have to directly approach the background screening company if there is no update on the verification outcome.

How to submit verification proof:

You need to:

  1. Select ‘Background screening company’ as the verification method in the EP application.
  2. Key in the verification reference number listed on the verification proof provided by the background screening company.
  3. Upload the verification proof.


  • For verification proof issued before 1 September 2023, you will need to ask the background screening company to reissue the verification proof with an MOM verification reference number.

If the verification is still pending after 14 working days and your awarding institution is found in the application form’s drop-down list of accredited institutions, you can submit the work pass application first. You will need to:

  1. Key in the verification reference number provided by the background screening company.
  2. Upload the receipt for the verification services.
  3. Once the work pass application is approved, you can bring in the candidate and get their pass issued.
  4. You do not need to submit the verification proof to MOM. However, if the qualification is found to be false, the work pass will be revoked and the candidate must leave Singapore.


Government/awarding institution’s verification portal

You can only submit verification proof from online verification portals if the information is:

  • Available in English
  • Public and accessible by third parties

How to submit verification proof

You need to:

  1. Save screenshots of the verification portal showing the following details:
    • Verification portal’s website address
    • All information entered in the verification portal such as:
      • Candidate’s full name
      • Date of birth
      • Date of graduation
      • Student identification number
    • Final page showing that the candidate was awarded the educational
  1. Select ‘Government/ awarding institution’s verification portal or verification by a professional body’ as the verification method in the EP application.
  2. Upload screenshots of the online verification portal.


See examples from online verification portals to understand the requirements.


Digital certificates issued by educational institutions and verified through OpenCerts portal

You can use the OpenCerts portal ( https://www.opencerts.io ) to verify digital certificates issued by educational institutions.

Visit their website to see the full list of affiliated educational institutions at: ( https://www.opencerts.io ).

How to submit verification proof

You need to:

  1. Verify the candidate’s digital certificate through the Opencerts verification portal
  2. When submitting the EP application, select “Digital certificate verified through OpenCerts portal” as the verification method
  3. Upload the digital certificate in OpenCerts format as an attachment


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