Cancellation of Work Permit For Confinement Nanny (CN)

Cancellation of Work Permit for Confinement Nanny (CN)

You must cancel your Confinement Nanny’s Work Permit if she no longer works for you or when the Work Permit expires.

At a glance

When to cancel

Depending on which comes first, you must cancel the Work Permit:

  • Within 1 week after last day of notice; OR
  • 1 day after the Work Permit expires.
Who can cancel
  • Employer or appointed employment agent (EA)
How much it costs
  • Free Of Cost (FOC)
How long it takes
  • Cancellation is immediate
When levy stops
  • 1 day before cancellation
  • Settle all outstanding employment issues, such as paying of salary, before cancelling the Work Permit.
  • Your nanny must leave Singapore before her visit pass expires.
  • If your nanny has left Singapore and will not return to work for you, you must cancel the Work Permit within 1 week from the departure date.


How to cancel Work Permit

To cancel the Work Permit while the Nanny is still in Singapore
  • Log in to cancel the Work Permit.
  • Print the acknowledgement letter and give it to your nanny.
To cancel the Work Permit while the Nanny has left Singapore
  • Log in to cancel the Work Permit.
  • Choose the cancellation reason “My helper or I wish to end this employment or she has gone home and will not be returning”.


After cancellation of Work Permit

  • Once the Work Permit is cancelled, the Nanny cannot work, even while waiting to leave Singapore.
  • Levy will be charged until 1 day before the cancellation.


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