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Corporate secretary is one of the most important positions in any company. Though a company secretary doesn’t make any decision, they are there to ensure that every decision taken is conveyed to the right person. Their roles and responsibilities are vast and varied and are very crucial for the smooth operations of the company.


If you are outsourcing your company’s corporate secretarial functions, then here are a few things that you should be careful about.


Outsourcing to an Inexperienced Agency


Don’t outsource your functions to someone who is new to the field without any prior experience. Make sure that the agency you are hiring has professionals with complete knowledge and extensive understanding of the job entrusted to them.


Not Checking If the Consultant Has Statutory Corporate Governance Knowledge

If you hire the services of an agency that is not apprised of the most recent statutory corporate governance, it can hinder the way of getting the job done efficiently and effectively. There are also chances of committing mistakes and errors leading to many other problems.


Not Discussing the Expectations Upfront

There are a few job responsibilities that are routine and hence understood, but you might be expecting the agency to assist you in non-routine corporate matters. Make sure you discuss your expectations upfront so that there is no confusion later. It will be a good idea to jot down all the agreed terms and conditions in the beginning.


Going for the Cheapest Available Service

There are many service providers available in the market. Going to a particular service provider based on the price factor alone is never a wise idea. You should, in fact, try to figure out the one that provides you with high-quality work at affordable cost. It’s a good idea to spend some time with two three shortlisted agencies and then see who aligns the best with your company’ visions and goals. If you hire someone with different approach and outlook just looking at the cost angle, it might lead to problems and issues in future.


Make sure to avoid these mistakes when outsourcing your corporate secretarial functions.