AI: Inevitable to avoid Artificial Intelligence Technology

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is a field of computer science that has received a lot of attention in recent years. AI refers to the developing of computers technologies, such as software or robots, that are capable of processing data contextually for several reasons. These reasons may include providing requested information, supply analysis or even trigger events based on the collected data.

AI is different from other computer software or hardware. Usually, AI also consists of cognitive skills that allow it to serve its purpose better. These skills consist of learning, reasoning and self-correction skills. Through its learning process, AI acquires data and processes it into actionable information. With its reasoning skills, AI uses algorithms to choose the best possible outcome. Lastly, through self-correction, AI enhances its services and tunes itself to provide the most relevant and accurate results.

Advantages of AI

There are many advantages that AI provides that isn’t possible through other computer programs. These advantages include the following.


AI is of great use for businesses as it allows them to become more available to their customers. Through AI, they can provide 24/7 to their customers without having to worry about manual help.


AI is also cost-efficient as compared to other options. While it does require an initial investment in the development stage, all subsequent operations become either free or significantly inexpensive.


AI can also help in the automation of repetitive tasks that cost money or require time. Through automation, AI can help many businesses around the world and free up for them to focus on more critical tasks.

Faster decision-making

Through its learning process and processing power, AI can also significantly decrease the time required to make decisions. It can be helpful in a business environment where the opportunity cost of decisions matter.

Reduction in errors

Manual tasks introduce the risk of human error in any process. By replacing these tasks through AI, the chances of human error significantly minimize. Therefore, AI can also help in giving more accurate results.

ACHI Chat Bot

We have developed a chatbot which is available on our website at The chatbot allows us to serve our customers better in the future by understanding their needs and providing them with ever-present support. The chatbot relies on AI technology to gather information from our customers and give them the best possible support.

Our customer can go on the provided link and ask the chatbot any questions regarding their concerns. The bot looks up their answer and shows them the relevant information. Therefore, it allows us to serve customers quickly. It also helps our customers find information faster. The use of AI in this regard helps us gather customer insights and improve the satisfaction of our customers.

In our opinion, it is inevitable to avoid artificial intelligence technology. Most online businesses have adopted this technology to their benefit. Therefore, we also want to adopt AI to enhance our services to our customers. Overall, AI can be beneficial for businesses around the world regardless of their size, nature, customers, type, etc.


Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic for discussion in computer science. Through the use of AI, businesses can get many advantages or benefits. We, at ACHI, have also adopted AI in our business. We have achieved this by introducing a chatbot for our customers with which they can interact. We are hopeful it can increase the quality of our customer support and provide them with maximum satisfaction.

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