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What are the popular CTA (Call To Action) buttons?

What are the CTA functions technologically play a vital role to Business?


To better serve our customers and satisfy their needs, we at ACHI provide different types of services. However, we also understand the value of providing our users with priority customer support. When it comes to giving our customers a proper system of customer support, we have different options that we can offer them. All these options allow us to provide our customers with various platforms through which they can receive help.

These options allow our customers to reach us through the platform of their choice and not be limited by our customer support channels. On some of these platforms, we have already been providing our services. However, we also introduced a new chatbot for our users that allows them 24/7 help. We have taken this step as a way of introducing Artificial Intelligence in our business and further help our customers.

Here’s a comparison between the platforms that we are available on and how customers can benefit from them. While we encourage you to use any platform of your choice to reach us, the decision is ultimately yours as to which you prefer or have access. Without further ado, let’s discuss our customer support platforms.

Chat Bot

The first platform that our customers can benefit from is our newly introduced chatbot. While some people may say that chatbots do not provide the same services that manual help does, they couldn’t be more wrong. Our chatbot uses artificial intelligence technology to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with the best possible answers.

With our chatbot, our customers get the advantage of fast and a 24/7 service. On other platforms, due to limitations, we may not be able to provide the same speed of services or even be available at all times. Through our chatbot, we can help our customers regardless we are available or not. We always welcome our customers to contact us through manual channels. However, if they require on-time assistance, then our chatbot is the way to go.

You can head over to https://achibiz.com if you are interested in how you can get help through our chatbot. There you can click on the chatbot image to start getting assistance. Feel free to ask our chatbot about any topic that we can help with, and it will provide you with the latest information about any topic relevant to us.

Facebook Messenger

For users that want manual help, you can also contact us on our Facebook Messenger ID. Through Facebook Messenger, we help our users to get help with their more advanced issues. Our Facebook Page profile is https://www.facebook.com/ACHI-Biz-Services-Pte-Ltd-432643010515401  which is also our Facebook Messenger ID that customers can contact us through.

We provide Facebook Messenger help for users that prefer Facebook as a mode of communication or may not have access to the other platforms. While we reply within a few hours of any queries, there may be some limitations to the speed of the help we provide users due to human limitations. We highly recommend users to try our chatbot first, and if they still need help, they can contact us through Messenger.

If you are on Facebook, please do follow our page so we can deliver the latest news and changes in the world of corporations in Singapore to you. Through Facebook and Messenger, we can stay in contact with our customers.

Google Messenger

We are also available on Google Messenger for our customers to provide them with the best help possible. We understand that our customers may not have access to every social media platform and, therefore, help them keep their options open. With Google Messenger, we provide similar services and customer support as with our Facebook Messenger ID.

Our customers can always contact us at our Google Messenger at: https://bit.ly/2IpjD4m.  Through Google Messenger, we can help our customers in a fast and reliable manner, providing them with an answer to their queries. Google Messenger allows us to provide more personalized support to our customers, as opposed to them using our chatbot. However, as with our Facebook Messenger, we highly recommend users to go through the chatbot route and if they don’t find an answer to their questions, try our Google Messenger.

If you need any assistance on Google Messenger, feel free to leave us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Live Chat

If you don’t want to contact us through either Facebook or Google Messenger, we still have you covered. We offer a live chat service on our website that you can use to contact us directly, without relying on social media platforms. The live chat enables any customer visiting our website easy access to help without calling us through phone or using social media platforms.

If you want to contact us through our Live Chat services, you can head over to our website on https://achibiz.com. On the bottom left corner of our page, you will find the live chat service. All you have to do is click on it and start chatting with us. We are also always online on the live chat. However, if you don’t get an instant reply, then please do leave your email id and we will get back to you through that.

With Live Chat, you get the same services as on our social media platforms with more personalized help. Don’t hesitate to contact us on the live chat service.


Finally, we also provide our users with assistance on WhatsApp. If you don’t want to use any of our above options, you can also contact us through WhatsApp, and we will happily help you with your queries. Our WhatsApp number is +65 9109 7753, which you can use to contact us directly and receive assistance. You can also go to our WhatsApp number directly on your app by following the link https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6591097753.

 We look forward to hearing from you on our WhatsApp if you don’t contact us through our other services. Through WhatsApp, you can stay connected with us without needing any other platforms. WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used applications in the world of online communication. Therefore, to enhance our customer support services, we also provide help through the platform.


We at ACHI always try to give our customers high-quality services. Apart from our services, we also provide our customers with the ability to receive customer support through various platforms. For the best options, our customers can contact us through our Chatbot, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Live Chat or WhatsApp. We hope to hear from you on one of these platforms and are always happy to help.

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