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How are PMETs counted under the Diversity (C3) and Support for Local Employment (C4) criteria for COMPASS?
If your employees are They are counted as PMETs if they
Foreign Earn at least $3,000 in fixed monthly salary, as declared in their work pass application.

Note: The PMET count for foreign employees excludes:

  • In-Principle Approvals
  • Passes that are not tied to a single employer, such as:
  • o   Work Holiday Pass (WHP & WHVP)
  • o   Tech.Pass
  • o   ONE Pass
  • o   Pre-Approved Letter of Consent (PLOC)

(Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents your organisation contributes CPF for)

Earn at least $3,000 per month, based on the CPF Ordinary and Additional wages declared for CPF contributions.

  • The fixed monthly salary of $3,000 is the same as the S Pass qualifying salary for renewals.
  • The amount will be revised alongside future increases to the S Pass qualifying salary.


How does COMPASS calculate my candidate’s nationality/citizenship share among my organisation’s PMETs?

The share of PMETs from a specific nationality/citizenship is calculated by taking the number of PMET employees from a specific nationality/citizenship and dividing it by the total number of PMET employees.

  • Share of PMETs from a specific nationality or citizenship:

= PMETs from a specific nationality or citizenship / Total PMET employee

  • The nationality/citizenship of your organisation’s employees, including Permanent Residents, is based on the nationality/citizenship on their passport in the Singapore Government’s records.

Using an example of an organisation with 100 PMET employees in total, this illustration shows how to calculate the shares of specific nationalities:

Thus, if your candidate belongs to Nationality A, your firm’s share of PMETs from nationality A would be:

  • 30 (Nationality A PMETs) / 100 (Total PMETs) = 30%


How does COMPASS calculate my organisation’s local PMET share relative to my organisation’s sector?

Under COMPASS, MOM will rank organisations based on their local PMET share. The higher the percentage of local PMET employees, the higher the organisation’s percentile will be.

To calculate your organisation’s local PMET share, take the number of local PMET employees and divide it by the total number of PMET employees.

  • Local PMET share = Local PMET employees / Total PMET employees

Definition of locals

  • Locals refer to Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are paid CPF contributions.
Sector comparison of local PMET share

Your organisation’s local PMET share will be ranked against other organisations in the same sector to obtain its percentile. For example:

  • A organisation at the 20th percentile would have a local PMET share that is higher than 20% of organisations in the same sector.
  • A organisation at the 50th percentile would have a local PMET share that is higher than 50% of organisations in the same sector.

 You can find out your organisation’s percentile by checking the Workforce Insights Tool in myMOM portal.


How do I check and update my organisation’s sector classification?

To find out your organisation’s sector classification:

1)      Log in to myMOM Portal.

2)      Check the “Local PMETs” chart in the Workforce Insights tool.

Note: Your organisation will be grouped into the relevant sector in COMPASS based on the primary business activity declared to ACRA and other UEN issuance agencies, regardless of whether the organisation operates across multiple sectors.

Keep your organisation’s business activity up-to-date

Do update ACRA with your organisation’s latest Singapore Standard Industry Classification (SSIC) information when there are changes in your primary business activity.

Inaccurate or missing SSIC information may result in work pass delays or rejections.

List of industry sectors under COMPASS

Under COMPASS, MOM has broadly categorised SSIC codes into the following sectors:

  • Accommodation
  • Admin & support services
  • Air & sea transport
  • Arts, entertainment & recreation
  • Banking & other financial services#
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Food & beverage services
  • Fund management services#
  • Health & social services
  • Info-communication technology
  • Insurance services#
  • Land transport & logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Professional services
  • Public admin & defence
  • Real estate services
  • Retail trade
  • Utilities & other goods producing industries
  • Wholesale trade
  • Other community, social & personal services
# Organisations in these financial services sector which are subjected to a higher EP Qualifying Salary in Stage 1.


How often will my organisation’s COMPASS workforce profile be updated?

On the 6th day of every month, MOM will update your organisation’s COMPASS profile on myMOM Portal.

The update includes:

  • Share of nationalities among PMETs in your organisation (used in C3 – Diversity).
  • Local PMETs share in your organisation (used in C4 – Support for Local Employment).
  • Number of PMET employees in your organisation (used to assess your organisation’s eligibility for small organisation default points on C3 and C4).

To reduce sudden fluctuations, MOM will use an average of the last 3 months of available data.


  • On the 6th of May, your organisation’s workforce profile will be updated based on the average of data in January, February, and March.
  • Workforce data for April is not included as CPF contributions for April are collected in May, and can only be reflected on the 6th of June.


If the candidate’s educational institution isn’t on the Employment Pass (EP) application form, what should I do?

Ensure that you have entered the institution exactly as it appears on your candidate’s certificate. Missing or misspelt words might make it seem like an institution isn’t on the form.

If you are still unable to find your candidate’s educational institution on the form, you will need to provide verification proof that the:

  • Declared qualification is authentic
  • Institution is accredited or recognised by the local government

You can obtain this verification proof from a background screening company.

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